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No Obligation estimates

LJM Packaging can provide you with a no obligation estimate for your next custom packaging project.

No Obligation Estimates

From design to development to production to shipping, LJM can provide you with all the materials you need to have your products delivered safely.
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Single Piece Orders

We can fulfill one-time, one piece orders. Designed and developed in wood, foam, and corrugated materials.

Single Piece Orders

Need to ship a large promotional item or model? We specialize in packaging bulky, fragile items for transport.
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National Delivery

LJM Packaging offers the lowest possible rates on shipping our goods through out New England.

National Delivery

We have our own fleet of trucks to make local deliveries within southern New England & have procured special discounted rates with numerous trucking companies covering NY, NJ, and PA to ensure the lowest possible prices.
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