Foam Packaging

Custom Foam Packaging

Foam packaging can be used to protect your electronics, medical equipment, produce, machinery, etc. during transit. There are many different types of foams each having their own unique properties. Some of the properties include color, density, weight, anti-stat, and non scuff. LJM has the knowledge and the capabilities to produce the perfect foam packaging for your products using an array of services. LJM’s foam services include…

  • Profiling – the process of notching out foam with a hot blade to create a void to fit a product into
  • Pads – a pad/sheet of foam than can be used for a cushion or as a filler
  • Roll Stock – foam coming in various thicknesses on a roll with or with out perforation
  • Convoluted – a pad of foam cut in half and made into “egg crate foam” this is can be used to line a box or crate
  • Die cutting – this is the process of when a die is made into the shape of the product using metal knife. The die is then pressed into the foam cutting out the shapes or pieces. Dies are usally produced for high quantity jobs.
  • CNC / Sampling – Samples can be made using our sampling machine. This machine can also be used for small quantity jobs.
  • Combinations – Foam can be combined with wood or corrugated to make a complete package.

With foam LJM can produce a custom package designed to your product needs. To see some of the types of foam we have check out our technical information page or you can CONTACT US now and let us help you with your new or current projects!