Wood Packaging

Custom Wood Packaging

Wood Packaging offers the highest level of protection for your product during transit. LJM can design and develop custom wood packaging according to your products demands. With wood LJM can custom engineer crates, skids, pallets, cradles, wooden braces or wooden boxes to your needs, product, specifications, or delivery requirements. LJM can even accommodate you if you have designs already being produced. 

There are several different ways that LJM can protect you products using wood, here are a few:

  • Reusable crates - These crates/boxes can be designed to be reused over and over. This is a good way to reduce your costs.
  • Show Crates- reusable crates/boxes that can be used for trade shows or exhibitions of products.
  • Custom pallets – These can be made to any size or style depending on the product weight and other specifications. Other components maybe added such a foam cushions, shock mounts, or skid mates.
  • Braces, ramps, cradles and other machined wood pieces - LJM can create virtually anything that will aid you in packaging up your products and getting it to their destination safely.

LJM can also ship your crates set up or they can be shipped knocked down flat to be cost effective and to save space when stored. 
LJM Packaging Co. uses wood with ISPM 15 standards so that you can ship your products internationally.
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